Trustworthy Team
Rosh Pharmacy is composed of professional and qualified Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Custom Service Representatives.
At Rosh Pharmacy all of our staff and software is HIPAA compliant and our staff is HIPAA and FWA certified and remain active yearly.
Quick Process
When you enroll to our services we verify your information and when completed immediately create your prescription profile and contact your doctor the same day.
Languages Spoken
To better help our diverse clientele we are able to help you in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

About Rosh Pharmacy

Your Health is Our Business…

  • We work with your doctor(s) to provide individualized solutions
  • We want to build and maintain a professional relationship between you and your healthcare provider
  • We want to assure your satisfaction and well-being

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    HIPAA Notices & Disposal Practices

    Important Information You May Need

    HIPPA Notice

    Here is where you can find detailed information regarding HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices


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    Proper Disposal

    For instructions on how to dispose of damaged, used/unused syringes and Transdermal Patches please visit:


    Injection Formed Medicine

    For disposal of damaged, expired and unused medications please visit: